dimecres, 8 de març de 2017

The second part of our adventure...

Welcome to Blanes!
Today our Dutch students have arrived in Blanes.

Their partners were waiting at school and they have been doing different things like going for a walk in the town centre, going to the bowling hall, watch the football match Barça -PSG, ...

dijous, 1 de desembre de 2016

Wednesday - Flying back home

We have met at school at 09:00 and we had to work with our partners. After leaving our suitcase, we have sat in front of our partners and we had to draw them in different ways. First, a normal drawing, then, without looking at the paper, then with our left hands and then, we had to try our best to draw a real portrait... 

Then, you can see some of the results:

Now, it's time to say bye. We have taken the bus to the airport and flew back to Girona.

We have to say that in general terms it has been a very positive experience for our students, for the teachers and for the school.

We have to work hard and prepare their coming in March. We'll keep in touch!

dimarts, 29 de novembre de 2016


Today it's been freezing. In the morning the temperature was 5 degrees below zero! (-5 C), but the highest temperature has been 0 C.
We had a school trip to Hertongenbosch. It's a beautiful medieval city where we had a guided city walk and we also went up to Sint John's tower. We visited the tower clock from the inside, the mechanism, the wood platforms, the sound of the clock and the views of the city.
We found it really interesting, freezing but interesting!

We also saw the statue of a famous Dutch artist called El Bosco, and the houses where he was born and, later, lived in.

The tower was a bit tiring, we had to climb more than 260 stairs!

The views from the tower were amazing!

Then we had some free time in the town central square for our lunch and visit the beautiful market and shopping area. Most of the students went somewhere warm to stay for a while and have their lunch.
We went back to school at 04:00, where our partners were waiting for us to go home.
But the temperature had not changed!

Sentence of the day: 'I don't feel my feet!'

dilluns, 28 de novembre de 2016


Today has been a long day!
We left the school to Amsterdam at 8:30, so we had to get up very early!
After 1 hour and 45 minutes, we got off outside the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam, a freezing sunny Amsterdam.

The teachers are also veeeeery cold!

Here you can see some of the worksvof art and paintings that our students had seen.

They were so tired that they needed a rest!

After this great museum we went to take a picture at the 'I Amsterdam' letters!

Then we have walked to the city centre, we have seen the chanels, the boats and some beautiful views.

Once in the Dam, our students had some free time to have lunch and to go shopping.

And time to go home! See u tomorrow!